About Me
  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker in practice since 1993.
  • Boston University School of Social Work; concentration in marriage and family therapy.
  • Trained extensively in Terry Real's model of Relational Life Therapy.
  • Additional training in Pia Mellody's model for healing from family of origin difficulties. 

I believe every person desires:
  • To like his or her life
  • To exercise the freedom to be authentic, "the real me."
  • To competently navigate life's challenges with skill and wisdom.
  • To enjoy contentment and a sense of well-being, both physical and mental.
  • To genuinely believe “I am living my life well.”

These are the ideas that will guide my work with you.  My mission always is to help you raise your personal assessment of “How is my life going for me?”
  • I will be an active and energetic dialogue partner with you.  Together, we will  identify your strengths and your obstacles, and I will offer practical guidance about how you can become a master at achieving your goals and satisfaction with your life.  

Books I Have Known and Loved:
        1. Emotional Intelligence; by Daniel Goleman
        2. Heart of Addiction; by Lance Dodes
        3. UNFu*k Yourself; by Gary John Bishop
        4. Daring Greatly; by Brene Brown
        5. Parenting With Love & Logic; by Clive and Fay
        6. Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids; by Dr. Laura Markham